Kettlebell Comparisons – Part I

I am starting a multi-part comparison on the kettlebells I own manufactured by Ader, Dragon Door, and the American Kettlebell Club. Pictured left to right are the 53lb/24kg Ader, Dragon Door, and American Kettlebell Club bells, respectively.

Tune in over the next week or two for comparisons and other information, including weights, detailed measurements, pricing, and how to get them.

If you are in Greater Houston, where the humidity is never more than 40% and the daytime temperature never exceeds 72F in the summer, you can come over and play. I have plenty of bells for everyone.



One Response to “Kettlebell Comparisons – Part I”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I’d be curious to hear more about this. I have been lifting kettlebells for a few months. I currently have a few Aders. I’m looking to expand my selection, so I’ve been looking for comparisons on the various brands.

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