Why this is not a good idea if you’re into instant gratification

A very accomplished Kettlebell Lifter counseled me recently that lifting kettlebells for time requires patience – both short term and long term. The short term patience gets one through the work set in question, and the long term patience is required for breakthroughs.

I do mainly two exercises – a snatch for the “pull” and any of a few variations of the jerk for my “push.” In addition, I mainly train in a garage and I live in Houston. When it is hot, I have one or maybe two good work sets in me per day. Logically, the snatch should be harder for me with the humidity-induced grip issues. However, my current issues are with the jerk. I am actually pretty happy with my snatches – technique seems sound, hands are healthy, and I am building some callouses on my fingers.

Recently, I have been snatching at the beginning of each training session and it shows in my jerk. I am going to alternate my first set between jerks and snatches and see if I can go a little longer in the jerk. Over the past three weeks, my jerk duration has stagnated or regressed. That is where the long term patience comes in.

Friday, July 13

1. Warmup, mobility work, and 4 pullups.

2 16kg snatch set – 6:00 (12,12,12R/12,12,12L). 72 reps total. PR for time and reps.

3. 16kg jerk sets – 2×2:30 (4,4,2 each set). 10 reps each set, 20 reps total.

4. 32kg one arm jerk set – 2/2.


2 Responses to “Why this is not a good idea if you’re into instant gratification”

  1. ericc1 Says:

    Misery loves company Charlie…I’m with you on the jerks! And with the addition of a second set, one short “bodybuilding” set with the 24’s and one long, painful set with the 16’s, my misery is doubled. Plenty to share!


  2. callen Says:

    Eric, I suspect that my progress with the jerk is going to be like the Allied advance north in Italy in 1943-1945 – slow and painful.

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