Saturday – I will take what I can get

After yesterday’s rant on jerks, I was able to knock off a 5:00 jerk set today. I have done it once before, in an air conditioned venue, but today was in my garage/sauna. Four repetitions per minute for five minutes with two 16kgs, quite frankly, is nothing to write Mama about, but I’ll take it.

If you’re reading this and haven’t experienced the joys of lifting for timed sets, there is a mental angle to this. A 5:00 jerk set is truly a 5:00 set – you’re under load for 5:00 and can either rest in the rack (uncomfortable) or overhead (more uncomfortable and painful for me at least). Your mind is screaming to put the bells down, and your challenge is fight that temptation. Still, the nice thing about a slow cadence like today’s is that I was able to check my technique on each and every rep.

Why do this? Well, it builds endurance and builds mental toughness. It also hasn’t hurt my strength, and it gives me a simple, measurable metric of performance. Longer and faster means fitter.

Saturday, July 14

Joint mobility and warmup

1. 16kg jerk set – 5:00. (4;4;4;4;4). 20 total.

2. 24kg one arm jerk set – 3:00. (4;2L/2R;4). 12 total.

3. 16kg snatch set – 4:00. (12;13L;13R;12). 50 total.


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