Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

ONE DAY ONLY… Don’t know why an old Houston area furniture commercial came to mind when I was composing title of this, but I hope today wasn’t a ONE DAY ONLY deal. I was able to another 5:00 jerk set today, and I added a rep to the last minute. I also was able to increase my duration and speed in the 24kg jerk.

Sunday, July 15

Joint mobility and warmup

1. 16kg jerk set – 5:00. (4;4;4;4;5). 21 total.

2. 24kg one arm jerk set – 4:00. (7R, 8R, 7L, 8L). 15R/15L. 30 total.

3. 16kg snatch set – 4:00. (12R;13R;13L;12L). 25R/25L. 50 total.

4. 24kg swing set – 20R/20L. 40 total.


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