Today was a little different. Same exercises, but a different focus. In the past few days, I have gotten to the 5:00 barrier in a jerk timed set, which was an important mental barrier for me. Five minutes of work with the 71 lbs (2-16kg) going up 4 times per minute, or 20 times.

After a day of rest, I decided to speed things up and shorten my sets. Four reps per minute on the jerk is hard, because it’s about 3 seconds of work and 12 seconds in the rack. Eight reps per minute, on the other hand, was more comfortable in some ways and at the end of my 3:00, I had gas left in the tank. Similarly, increasing the snatch cadence from 12 to 19 per minute was also more comfortable in some ways, although I cannot hold 19 rpm for very long.

Tomorrow, it’s time to modestly increase my pace in both the 5:00 jerk set and the 4:00 snatch set and see where that takes me. Here is what I did today.


Wednesday, July 18

Joint mobility and warmup swing set

1. 16kg jerk set – 3:00. (8;8;8). 24 total.

2. 24kg one arm jerk set – 2:00. 10R/10L. 20 total.

3. 16kg snatch set – 2:00. (19R;19L). 38 total.

4. 16kg swing sets – (3×1:00 work,1:30 rest). 3x16R/16L. 96 total.

5. 24kg swing sets – (2×1:00 work,1:30 rest). 2x16R/16L. 64 total.


3 Responses to “Speeding”

  1. cimes Says:

    Honestly, I think 12rpm on the snatch is a little too slow. That is the minimum you should do. I think 14-16rpm is a good moderate pace. Still slower than I like to go, but that is where most people should start.

    On your Jerks, are you able to find your hips with your elbows? A comproming pace on Jerks would probably be 8 rpm as you have found. I definitely understand the difficulty pacing. Only 2 reps separate my 5 minute PR from my 10 minute PR. Tells me I could probably speed up a little for 10.


  2. ericc1 Says:

    4rpm was definitely to slow for me in the jerk, to much time in the rack was robbing me of leg strength that I could ill afford to lose with the 24’s. Since adding a more modest 5-6rpm plan my numbers have been climbing fairly steady again. I think these are lessons that can only be learned through time spend under the weight. Nothing’s wasted though!

    Good job Charlie!


  3. callen Says:

    Catherine – on the jerk, I can find my hips now that I have shed some excess weight. I am going to try a pace of 6 rpm tonight for 5:00 and see where that takes me. And you are right about snatches – 12 rpm is too slow. I am going to try 14-15rpm tonight and see where that takes me.

    Eric, I have also found that with a faster cadence on the jerk that I have more leg pop. Time in the rack seems to suck the life out of my legs.

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