A Funny Story About The Turkish Get Up

I have a story about the Turkish Get Up that is personal to me that I need to share. 

The Turkish Get Up is an interesting exercise. Some will say it is merely a circus trick or a feat of strength, others will swear by it for the strength and shoulder benefits. One school of kettlebell lifting even makes the exercise a central part of their program. For various reasons, I rarely execute the movement in my current practice.

My lovely bride is an Armenian who emigrated from Turkey over 12 years ago. As such, my wife is quite familiar with Turkey, and, like all Armenians, has a witty sense of humor. About a year ago, I was practicing the Turkish Get Up in my garage and my wife walked in. Here is the exchange that followed:

WIFE: What are you doing?

ME: It’s called a Turkish Get Up (note that I was struggling with the movement)

WIFE: Turkish Get Up?

ME: Yes, the idea is to keep the load bearing arm locked, shoulder packed, and to get up to a standing position.

WIFE: Well, you don’t even look remotely Turkish, thank God, and it doesn’t look like you’re getting up either.

ME: Just speechless…


3 Responses to “A Funny Story About The Turkish Get Up”

  1. TexasTom Says:


    There is nothing quite like a person of foriegn soil telling it like it is. I live with it daily….only from the Netherlands!

  2. callen Says:

    We’ll have to compare notes some time, especially on creative uses of English. I bet you never knew that “turd shit” really means third sheet (like first sheet, second sheet, or third sheet) and that the “bitch house” is not a house of ill repute, but a house along the coast where people go on holiday. Ask our friend Paul about his Brazilian wife mangling the innocuous sounding “Pine Trees” in a public presentation to a large group of architects next time you see him.

  3. Paul Crnkovic Says:

    For all who love English….the plural of Pine Trees is now known as ….the Pines Trees…(sounding of course like the tree that is the male member)

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