Incremental Progress

An accomplished lifter has counseled me and the lifting public at large that lifting for time is not for those who are impatient. You’ll obtain results lifting for time, but you have to be patient. I am finding for me that the price I am paying (patience) is yielding healthy joints, strength, and resiliency. Not a bad price to pay I’d say.

I have been hovering around a 5:00 jerk set, albeit at 4 reps per minute. Today I only jerked for 4:00, but it was at 5-6 reps per minute and I had some gas left in the tank. So tomorrow, I will do 5:00 at 5-6rpm. Also hit 14 rpm for a 4:00 snatch set, so all is well in the snatch department, and I finally did a 30/30 set of swings with the 24kg. All is well in my world.

Warmup and joint mobility

1. 16kg jerk set – 4:00. (5,5,5,6). 21 total.

2. 24kg one arm jerk set – 10/10.

3. 16kg snatch set – 4:00. (14R,14R,14L,14L). 28R/28L. 56 total.

4. 24kg swing set – 30R/30L.

5. Short, slow jog.


One Response to “Incremental Progress”

  1. Tom Healy Says:


    Patients is a good thing. Unfortunately I don’t have much. Case in point – I was planning to do a 5 minute jerk set with 16’s. I go to grab the 16’s and I only have one. I could wait till I get back the other pair, I didn’t – grabbed the 24’s and reduced the reps. It’s a little heavy and the last rep on the second 2.5 minute was not good. The first 2.5 was real strong

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