Here We Go Again…

I had my knee scoped in 2005 due to a cyst, and it just wasn’t the same afterwards. I traded my running addiction for kettlebells, and was fine until last night. No pain, and a full range of activity but for running.

I did something very, very bad to my knee yesterday. I am hopeful that this is temporary. I ran a very uncomfortable mile on Monday, and I did the “reverse escalator” stair climber at the gym on Wednesday. Yesterday, while doing a set of one arm jerks, something popped. The knee swelled up last night, I can hardly walk, and I am in significant pain.

Although I am going back to the surgeon (and will be getting a second or third opinion if need be), I hope this is just a temporary setback. We will see if Motrin or Aleve will get the swelling down in the short term. As for exercise, I am going to have to experiment a bit. I am not giving up exercise due to a bum knee, but I am going to have to get creative.

Stay tuned.


One Response to “Here We Go Again…”

  1. Tom Healy Says:


    I have a terrible right knee. I can work around it. As long as you didn’t snap a ligiment you’ll be fine.
    The swelling will go down, your range of motion will come back and you can resume your normal routines. It just takes the knee a while to rebound.
    It could have been 2 bones rubbing together like a finger snap….

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