Working around a bum knee

I drove down to the Kettlebell Club today to see what I could do without aggravating the knee. I wish I knew what the specific problem was, but a diagnosis is about a week off. Swings and snatches seem to work, double jerks not so much, squats not at all, and single jerks work pretty well. It’s too bad about the double jerk, since I was beginning to make some progress. Guess I will be a swinging and snatching machine for awhile until this gets resolved.

Saturday, July 28

1. 16kg swing set – 5x (18R, rest 30s, 18L, rest 30s). 180 swings total.
2. 32kg press practice – 1/1, 1/1
3. 16kg jerk set – 1:00. 6 total. Double jerks don’t seem to agree with my swollen knee.
4. 16kg snatch set – 6:00. (13R,13R,15R,13L,13L,15R). 41/41, 82 total. PR for reps.
5. 32kg one arm jerk – 5/5. Doesn’t bother the knee like the double jerk for some reason.


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