Plan going forward

I am going to get an MRI on the knee today. Doctor thinks I tore a meniscus, and we will know more later in the week. I will carefully consider my options for healing once I get his view and another medical opinion.

I can swing and snatch without issues, and the doctor is okay with that provided that it does not cause pain or swelling. He believes that jerks are not a good idea right now, and any sort of squatting is out of the question. So, until the knee is fixed or heals through therapy or other means, I am on a diet of swings, snatches, pullups, and some sort of seated press.

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday building some shelves in the garage. I am beat and dehydrated, but will resume training tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Plan going forward”

  1. Tom Healy Says:


    Good thing it was not a ligament. Meniscus can be repaired, just don’t have them take it out. Smooth it, repair it, anything to keep it in there. When you get old like me you will need it.

  2. Doug Says:

    hey Charley, hope the knee heals fine. Just take it slow and easy and get better. We are in the hospital getting ready to deliver tonight or tomorrow.
    take care – Doug Sides

  3. Eddie Friedman Says:

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery !

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