Saturday, August 11

This has been rough not being able to train. Today, I felt well rested and the knee felt stable. The swelling is gone, and the pain is manageable. Back to work. My focus for the next few months will be to recover from my injury, increase my general fitness. If my snatch capacity increases while I am at, that is a good thing.

As crazy as this sounds, I am going to Montana in 2 weeks to do a little hiking. A couple of trekking poles will go with me. The doctor is ok with this with the proviso that I avoid squatting and use some common sense. Popping, weakness and pain are not good things. This trip has been planned for a long time, and I am bound and determined to go.

Saturday, August 11
1. 16kg seated press – 5/5/5/5. 20 total.
2. 24kg seated press – 5/5. 10 total.
3. Pullups – 3.
4. 16kg snatch set – 4:00. (14R,15R,14L,15L). 29/29. 58 total.
5. 24kg swing sets – 5×20/20.


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