Heavier snatches and the medley

Monday, August 20
1. 16kg double clean set – 3:00. (7,6,7).
2. 24kg snatch set – 2:30. (12R,3R/9L,6L)
3. 16kg medley – 8:00. Switch hands every minute, no rest.
  A. Swing set – 2:00. 34L/24R
  B. Press set – 2:00. 8L/8R.
  C. Snatch set – 2:00. 12L/12R.
  D. Clean set – 2:00. 8L/8R.
4. 24kg swing set – 30L/30R.

I am going to begin working in the 24kg for snatches to build some strength while continuing to work to 10:00 with the 16kg at a decent cadence.

I also decided to do something that I call the medley. The concept is not different than what others in the kettlebell lifting world have done, but my twist is to use the “classic” kettlebell lifting exercises. The idea is to not put the kettlebell down for a period of time, switch hands every minute, do a different exercise every two minutes, and alternate exercises with a ballistic move and something that is slower. I am going to play with this concept for awhile and see what I can come up with. Obviously, one could introduce a jerk or long cycle into the routine, or even have another bell close by to do some doubles work for a couple of minutes.


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