Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007
1. 24kg swing – 15/15
2. 16kg double seated press – 3:24. (5,5,5,2). 17 total. PR.
3A. Pullups (BW) – 1,2,2 alternating with
3B. Power pushup 2 (1 medium cable) – 6,8,8
4. Pullups (light band) – 5,6
5A. 32kg swing – 10/10,10/10 alternating with
5B. Divebomber pushups – 5,5

Today was hotter, but I felt better. The swelling in the knee is almost gone. I can also get up and down the stairs without any problems. I am foolish to assume that I am healed – ask me again in January. Continuing my routine of kettlebell lifting and body weight exercises, I pushed a little harder today on the seated press.


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