Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007
1. 24kg swing – 15/15
2A. TNT cable press (3 light cables) – 3×5 alternating with
2B. Power pushup (2 light cables) – 3×5
3. 24kg snatch – 2:00. (12R,12L). This exercise bothers my knee.
4. 16kg double seated press – 2:00. (6,6). 12 total.
5. 32kg swings – 15/15,15/15,10/10. Not timed.

Finally on the road to recovery. Surgery and healing is work as well, and I did not feel 100%. I suspect I have lost some strength. With the exception of snatches, nothing I did bothered my knee.

I will be doing a combination of bodyweight exercises, knee rehab as prescribed, and kettlebell lifting for the remainder of the year. My focus will be the seated press, but I need to be careful so not to trash my shoulders. Jerks seem to be a lot more forgiving on the shoulders than pressing, so I need to be careful. I will pick jerks back up in 2008.


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