Tuesday, September 4

Tuesday, September 4, 2007
1. 24kg swing – 15/15
2A. TNT cable press (3 light cables) – 5,6,7,8,6 alternating with
2B. Power pushup (1 medium cable) – 5,6,7,8,6
3. 16kg double cleans – 4:00. (5,5,5,5). 20 total.
4. Pullups – 6,6,6 (1 BW, 5 light band assist each set)
5. 24kg swing – 30/30
6. Divebomber pushups – 6

In order to be able to do pullups, one has to do pullups. I let this get away from me for a couple of months, but since I am somewhat limited on what I can do, I am reintroducing the exercise  into my routine every other day. It is good to be pain free. The knee is still a little stiff, but it seems to be healing nicely. It kills me not to be able to do jerks and snatches, but I need to be patient. Hopefully what I am doing now will allow me to pick up where I left off a month ago when I resume jerking, long cycling, and snatching in a few months.


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