Wednesday, September 5

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
1. 24kg swing – 15/15
2. 16kg double seated press – 3:45. (5,5,5,4). 19 total.
3. 24kg swings – 1×40/40
4. Power pushup (1 medium cable) -10


2 Responses to “Wednesday, September 5”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I really like your workouts. I have just bought and started using a KB. Currently I stick a bit to basic swings etc but I guess I will go to a program quite similar to yours using the ppu and resistance cables also.
    For the press I think of using the sandbag. But what I saw this week yours look really great, simple and basic and that works IMO best.

  2. Regina Hurley Says:

    Hi Charley

    Thanks for adding me to your roll. GREAT WORK! Glad you are kicking some butt.

    I didn’t think I had much to say..I was wrong 🙂

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