Where have I been?

Recovering and resting. I hit it too hard too soon after my surgery. I developed some nasty bruising and a bit of swelling in my surgically repaired knee. Being cautious, I put the bells down for 10 days.

Some people recover very quickly after this type of surgery. Some don’t. I can walk, have full range of motion, and very little discomfort but my knee is not yet healed and ready for anything physically ambitious.

Here is the basic template for my training for awhile. It is more or less the same every day, with variations in duration and intensity. It takes maybe 15-20 minutes, and really isn’t worth writing about on a daily basis because I am simply trying to maintain a minimum level of fitness . Day in and day out, the routine will be the same.

  1. 24kg swing- 15/15
  2. 24kg one arm clean and push press or press – varying duration, but short OR 16kg double cleans – varying duration, but short
  3. 16kg snatch – varying duration, but short
  4. Pullups or chinups alternating with pushups
  5. 24kg swing – starting with 40/40

Check back every now and then for updates, and in no time, I will resume writing regularly when I have something interesting to update you with.


One Response to “Where have I been?”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Good luck with your recoevery.

    Sometimes it is not bad to be on a maintenance training. It gives the body some rest and the hunger will be developed to start working out more difficult when fully recovered.
    Currently I am doing also the same basic routine with only minor changes and for the time being I do enjoy it. And best of all I benefit more from it than expected.

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