October 10, 2007

I went to the surgeon today for my final post operative appointment. The knee has healed very well, and I was cleared to continue jerks, snatches, and bodyweight squats with the provision that if something hurts, wait a week and try it again. I can run if I want to, but I am going to wait until Thanksgiving. Doc advises that some pain is normal, and to take it easy if it hurts.

Where am I 9 weeks post-injury? About five pounds heavier with a moderate loss of conditioning. The plan for the remainder of the year is to continue a basic regimin of 16kg jerks and 16kg snatches working to 10 minutes, with some bodyweight exercises thrown in because I like doing those (and I will be travelling some as well).

I plan to go to Miami to observe the World Kettlebell Championships. I won’t compete in the seated press as this surgery really took a toll on me for a few weeks.

Wednesday,    October 10, 2007, AM Weight –     179.2
A – Slow BW squats – 10,15,20
B – 16kg jerks – 4:00. 24.
C – 16kg snatch – 4:00. 26R/27L.
D1 – Pullups (large band assist) – 10,8
D2 – Atomic pushup (legs in straps) – 5,8
E1 – TNT squat and press (2 medium bands) – 5,5
E2 – Pike press – 5,5
F – 24kg swings – 20/20
Snatches are getting easier.


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