Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday    October 25, 2007, AM Weight    181.0
A – 32kg jerks – 4/4
B – 2-16kg jerk – 5:00. 31.
C – 16kg snatches – 5:00. 30/30.

I went to the Kettlebell Club tonight, where I worked with David Cogswell and Jay Armstrong, who recently returned from The Boys are Back seminar in Vegas. They are now very interested in the timed set approach I use, and we discussed and tweaked form on the jerk and snatch. I think Cotter’s demonstration was persuasive – not sure what Steve did, but I have heard it was quite convincing to those in attendance.

Then we did the workout above. David learned that a set for time is a much different animal than a set of ten or twenty, and that in the beginning, timed sets require lower weights.

I picked up a subtle tip on the jerk that I think will help me break through a plateau. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow with my AKC bells as I did my sets tonight with Dragon Doors for the jerks and an Ader for the snatch.


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