Back in town and training

Got back from Florida late yesterday, fresh off of an unexpected entry into the World Kettlebell Club Championships.  More on my experience there in the next few days, but here is a hint – much learnings and passing of knowledges from learned experts plus placing of faces with names. Biggest learning – I have a lot more in me than I thought I did.

Back to training.

Modified NG Day 7 – Enhanced Interval Training
A – Pistols (20” box) – 10/10 alternating legs each repetition
B – 16kg around the world – 1:00 /  16kg figure 8 to a hold – 1:00
C – Modified Art of Strength Essentials – 24kg without putting the bell down.
1/2 Get Up
Snatch Right – 0:30.
Press Right – 0:30.
Squat Right – 0:30.
Clean Right – 0:30.
Swing Right – 0:30.
Figure 8 to a hold
Swing Left – 0:30.
Clean Left – 0:30
Squat Left – 0:30
Press Left – 0:30
Snatch Left – 0:30
1/2 Get Up – 0:30.

Glad I chalked up the bell. Couple of observations – (1) I don’t really know how to do a high pull, so I did snatches instead of high pulls/ snatches. I think the high pull is an exercise designed to either help with or act as a substitute for the harder style snatch or (2) This looks deceptively easy, but it is a grip killer and it took the wind out of me very quickly. I am happy to have made it through without dropping the bell.


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