A few changes around here

As I have fully recovered from my knee surgery in August and had a successful stint on the platform at the World Kettlebell Club Championship Meet in Miami, it’s time to make a few changes around here.

First of all, I needed a catchy name for my blog. Everyone else seems to have one, and I want one too. Just Another Minute sums up my philosophy of kettlebell lifting – timed sets for increasing duration. Lifting for time, as many of you will find, is hard. It’s me against the clock, and I often find myself saying in the middle of a set Just Another Minute to keep myself going. I will call the blog JAM for short.

Second, I won’t be regularly posting my training logs here on a daily basis. You can find my logs at the following locations:

The Kettlebell Connection Training Log Forum

Fullkontact Training Log Forum

Third, I have a new look.  Finally, I will be posting my thoughts on training and an occasional rant. The purpose of JAM is to document my progression as a kettlebell lifter and to inform and entertain, on occasion.


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