My training for the remainder of 2007 and Goals

I am going to mix things up a little for the remainder of the year until I return exclusively to timed set lifting in January. I need a break, I want to start running again in earnest, and this time of the year is conducive to some conditioning work.

I am in the middle a version of Ross Enamait’s Never Gymless routine, albeit with a kettlebell. Days 1 and 3 of each five day cycle will be the Integrated Circuit Training and Enhanced Interval Training he recommends. I will begin each of these days with a timed set of jerks with two 16kg. Days 2 and 4 will be one arm jerk sets with the 24kg and a timed snatch set with the 16kg for the strength portion of the routine.

I also have begun using Scott Sonnon’s Flowfit as a warm-up and recharge. I will post a review once I am a few weeks into the program.

My goals are simple at this point.

1. 10:00 with the 16kgs in the jerk and the snatch.

2. Be prepared to compete respectably with the 24kgs in the biathlon at the 2008 championships.

3. Lose 10 more pounds.


One Response to “My training for the remainder of 2007 and Goals”

  1. Tom Healy Says:

    Like the new header….

    Can you switch more than once on the 10:00 snatch set?

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