December 7, 2007

Friday    December 7, 2007    BW 187.0
2AJ16g – 5m. 20.
1Asn16kg – 5m. 30/30.
Chinups – 5×2.
Freestyle – 2m. Jump rope, 65lb sand bag shoulder, burpees, 1Asw32kg.
Burpees – 3m. 30.

I constructed a sandbag today using sand, contractor trash bags, duct tape, and a cheap duffel bag from Academy. This puppy is heavy for me, definitely an odd object, and hard to grab. I am going to have some fun with this. I made a 40lb filler, 2 25lb fillers, and a 10lb filler. I have a 40lb and 25lb filler in the bag, double bagged, wrapped, and loosely duct taped.

I think I am going to make some more 10lb fillers and slowly add to it over time. Wonder what my wife would think if I executed a barbarian carry on her once I am strong enough (for those of you wise guys who are curious, 65lbs is well more than half her weight).


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