Full Throttle Conditioning and School Zone Conditioning

Ross Enamait has released an excellent DVD and companion manual called Full Throttle Conditioning. For those of you unfamiliar with Ross, he is a New England based boxer turned coach who busts his ass both in the gym and on the interweb with his website.

Ross has released two other well written texts that I own – Never Gymless and Infinite Intensity. There are a lot of people who have published and produced a lot of fitness related material this decade that is primarily marketed on the internet. Some of this material is costly in comparison to the information and content, some of the printed material is heavy on advertising, heavy on white space, and light on actual useful material. I can honestly say that Ross’ material is the best value for your dollar for strength and conditioning related information out there.

The Full Throttle Conditioning DVD is 1h48m and is divided into about ten chapters, which explain some of the science behind his methods. Later chapters have some live demonstrations of deceptively simple exercises such as the burpee, jumping rope, and other simple conditioning methods. In addition, Ross shows some creative ways to combine exercises into an effective conditioning routine. The video and sound quality are good, Ross’s delivery and presentation is articulate, and he has a cool gym. I think he produced this himself, and he did a helluva a job putting the DVD together.

For those of us who like to read the instructions as well as see how something is done, you’re in luck – Ross is a talented author. The manual is well written and edited, and is jammed with information explaining the science behind the conditioning as well as how to fit in an effective conditioning program for a combat athlete and a strength athlete. There are also references on instructions on how to make equipment. With a couple of hundred dollars and a nearby Home Depot and Walmart, you could make quite a gym. With another couple of hundred dollars and a sporting goods store like Academy or the Sports Authority, you’d really be in business. Here is the best thing about the DVD and manual – about $30 with shipping. You can order here. You’ll get an email from Ross letting you know he has shipped the manual, and if you’re in the US, it will show up in a couple of days.

Now for School Zone Conditioning, which is where I am on the conditioning continuum.


Yes, Gunny, that is a jelly donut! Yes, Gunny, I am a disgusting fat body! In July, I got down to 177 lbs from about 195 in April. I have managed to get back up to One Hundred Eight Seven F’ing Pounds! My new clothes still fit, but I am have gotten out of the zone I wanted to be in. Sure, I was injured but I let myself go. I now have some work to do – micromanaging what I eat.

Obviously, I have some work to do to get back down to where I was and then some. It’s about diet and exercise consistency – mainly diet, and I know that. It’s time to begin posting daily workouts and weight here again.

Goal – 167 lbs to be achieved on April 1, 2008.


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