December 14, 2007

Friday    December 14, 2007    BW  184.2
A – 1AJ16kg – 10m. 30/30.
B – 1AJ16kgSn – 9m55s. 60L/57R. Grip gave out spectacularly right before the end on the right.
C – Chins – 2,3,2
D1 – 1Asw24kg – 5/5,  5/5, 5/5
D2 – 1Asn24kg – 5/5, 5/5, 5/5
D3 – Burpees – 5,5,5

The 10m 1AJ set was not too challenging, but the 1Asn set was something else. This is a PR by 2m I think. I also think I got it tonight – mentally, at least – about kettlebell sport with that long set.

There are several things that can give out on a long snatch set – the mind, wind, grip, strength and hand trauma. For most snatch sets prior to tonight, I am afraid to say that my mind gave up. Tonight, it was my grip.

I have been recently and will be intentional about conditioning. My wind was fine, even though I think my heart rate was above 190 BPM at the end.  I don’t ever want conditioning to be a reason I can’t finish a set –  a slow pace is fine, but running out of gas is largely preventable, in my opinion, by busting some ass.


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