December 19, 2007

Monday December 17, 2007 BW 183.8
Planned rest day

Tuesday December 18, 2007 BW 185.0
JMD and warm-up
A – 1AJ16kg – 10m. 40/40.
B – 1ASn16kg – 10m. 60L/@50R.
A lot of dead hanging on the right, which means I need to spend some time doing 8m sets for awhile.
C1 – 2ALC16kg – 5,5,5
C2 – Burpees – 5,5,5

Wednesday December 19, 2007 BW 183.4
Planned rest day to get to the following planned schedule:
M – Train or Rest (if Tuesday is a training day)
T – Rest or Train (if Monday is a rest day)
W – Train
Th – Train
Fri – Off
Sat – Train
Sun – Train

A careful review of my logs for 2007 revealed that the sweet spot for me is to take a day off after every two to three sessions. I think the cross fit practitioners train for three sessions and take one day off. Due to a regular morning commitment, Friday makes sense for a day off, and the second day off will be Monday or Tuesday.

Back at it tomorrow, and then a planned rest day on Friday


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