As the year closes and a new one begins

Everyone seems to make a New Year’s resolution, and a lot of us (myself included) have given up in the past after a few weeks of vigorous activity. In 2007, I actually trained consistently for a full 12 months. Projecting the next three days of training, I will have completed 202 training sessions for 2007. Keeping a training log was key. For example, I learned that if I train more than three days in a row that I am more likely to develop an infection of some sort. Going forward, I will try a 3-1, 2-1 work rest template and evaluate accordingly.

I’ve also accomplished a one hand switch, 10m set of snatches with the 16kg kettlebell, and knocked out a 20m set of long cycle clean and jerk with the 24kg kettlebell. My weight started out at about 194 and will end the year at about 186, with a low of 175. Although sloppy eating during the fall and holiday season contributed to an upward tick at the end of the year, I now know how to effectively lose weight.

The most important accomplishment of 2007 for me is that I can set goals and systematically meet them. With renewed confidence that the past year brought me, here is what I plan to accomplish by December 31, 2008.

1. Train at least 250 days during 2008.
2. Gradually decrease my weight to below 170lbs.
3. With one hand switch, snatch  the 24kg kettlebell 100 times.
4. Jerk two 24kg kettlebells 50 times in 10 minutes.
5. Long cycle clean and jerk two 24kg kettlebells 40 times in 10 minutes.
6. Perform 100 burpees in less than 8 minutes.

Unfortunately, the months of January and February are tremendously busy for me professionally. As such, I need to keep my workouts simple, intense, and efficient from a time perspective. My short term goal is to maintain or increase my conditioning during my busy season, and my planned routine for January and February will be as follows:

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
Jump rope
1ASw24kg – 3 sets

Wednesday and alternating Sundays
Jump rope
Alternating sets of 2ALC16kg and burpees

Alternating Sundays
100 burpees

Tuesdays and Fridays

In March, I will resume a traditional timed set protocol of jerks and snatches.


2 Responses to “As the year closes and a new one begins”

  1. Doug Sides Says:

    Charley, Happy Holidays to you and the family! Hope all is great.
    Doug Sides

  2. Life of a Student Says:

    Very nice goals – I’ve set some training goals as well, but my training is more geared toward barbell/dumbbells for resistance.

    When I hit my next plateau, I want to start using kettlebells to try and mix it up. Your blog has been great in learning about kettlebell training.

    Good luck with your goals!

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