The Office of Common Sense(TM)

I work in the accounting world, and am lucky to be a corporate tax consultant in a sub-specialty where there is a huge  demand, always enough work, and nowhere near enough skilled specialists practicing my sub-specialty. What this means is that (i) I make a good living, (ii) although I work hard, I have a very supportive employer due to the supply problem mentioned above, and (iii) I see some ridiculous things.

One of the things I endure do is help out on a large audit of a multi-national client. Auditors are strange birds – those of us who are CPAs are known to say that a trained monkey could audit. Maybe some of my former colleagues at Arthur Andersen, actually had trained monkeys working on the Enron audit, but that is a different story. Some of my colleagues at my current gig on this audit have some strange notions. Whether than bore you with the ridiculousness of auditing theory in today’s Sarbanes Oxley world, some of my colleagues on the tax consulting end of the business and I have decided that some matters need to be run by the Office of Common Sense, or OCS(TM). The only problem is that no such organization exists, which, if you lived in my (very temporary)  hell world of working on a multinational audit, you would wish an Office of Common Sense did exist.

Never fear, I have decided to open the OCS(TM) right here. I don’t know where I  am going to go with this to the world of desk jockey fitness and kettlebell lifting,. Hell, maybe like the well reasoned, photoshopping madman rational guy over at RFP, I may print some t-shirts. Seriously, Scott has some good things to say over at Rational Fitness Practice. I would recommend reading every single entry in his blog – there is some good stuff over there that, well, makes a lot of sense.

My advice for you today, kettlebell lifter and fellow fitness enthusiast, is to step back from every marketing claim that you hear on the internet and ask yourself the question – does this make sense? Give what you read the OCS(TM) Filter Test.

If all goes well, I will also share something wonderful with you going on in my personal life that normally would not pass muster from the OCS(TM) . Give me a few weeks to make sure that this process indeed defies explanation from the OCS(TM) and isn’t another fork down the same cruel road we have gone down several other times. I have a feeling it isn’t. If you’re curious as to the direction I might be heading, read the story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis and check back periodically.


2 Responses to “The Office of Common Sense(TM)”

  1. Tom Healy Says:


    I have always seen the OCS in you. To apply this concept to kettlebells is something I hoped we wouldn’t have to do.
    We do. The yellow highlighted text says we must.
    So we just keep doing what we’re doing and have fun doinng it!

  2. ironbellathletics Says:

    Hear, hear! There’s more than one way to skin a cat, just as there’s more than one way to exercise. Kettlebells are such a versatile tool, that almost anyone can find a way to stay healthy and fit.

    Great blog.


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