I am now totally sold on timed sets

I haven’t been keeping an online log recently, but I have been training.  My consistency has not been what I would consider ideal, but I have been spending time under the bells. Besides lifting for time, I have not had a particular emphasis or competitive goal. In fact, I have been spending most of my time with the 16kgs – jerks and snatches. Due to inconsitency, my progress has been slow as far as increasing duration, but I lift kettlebells mainly for fitness.

The Office of Common Sense had heard that timed set lifters working with the 16kgs were pressing the 32kgs for reps. If I did not know the people involved, I would not have believed that 16kg lifting for time carried over to pure stength. Well, the Office of Common Sense decided to try an experiment straight from the tool box of the RKC – Rite of Passage Day.  Keep in mind that I have been on a maintenance program using mainly 16kg bells.

I did not test snatches, but I decided to test my press. I warmed up with the 16kg and 24kg. Then I picked up a 32kg and did a couple of reps each side. Finally, I decided to try a 36kg. Lo and behold, it went up on the right side, and it went up on the left side.  Wow. I have never jerked anything heavier than a 32kg, much less even tried to press anything heavier than a 32kg. I’ll leave the scientific explanations to others, but the fact that I have gotten far stronger from performing mainly rather pedestrian 5-8 minute jerk and snatch sets with the 16kg amazes me.

I am not here to tell you there is One True Way to lift kettlebells and I am not here to denigrate whatever you’re doing to improve your health with kettlebells, but the Office of Common Sense wholeheartedly gives timed set lifting its seal of approval.

I am going to transition from a maintenance program to a program where I will be in a position to compete in the biathlon. For now, that means progressively longer sets with the 16kg and gradual introduction of assistance exercises.


3 Responses to “I am now totally sold on timed sets”

  1. Catherine Imes Says:

    Nice work Charley. Are you planning to come to Vegas?


  2. anthony c Says:


    lets meet at park in front of my house. its in middle of town in the heights. basically @ shepherd and 11th. I say there b/c I have all of my bells there on my front porch and my tires we can play with.

    lets do march 29th. I am 100% ready to go for that one.

    park is lawrence park @ 7.5th and Lawrence for an address for mapquest purposes use 728 Lawrence St, 77007.

    from shepherd and I-10 go north to 11th st, take a right on 11th street, go down 3-4 blocks to lawrence, make a right on lawrence st, go down to where lawrence dead ends after 8th. park is there in front you.

  3. Jason M Struck Says:

    timed sets are indeed the way to go.

    actually doing 100+ reps GS style is a whole new experience.

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