Random musings

The Office of Common Sense has discovered something that makes a lot of sense – increasing 2 reps per minute in a snatch set over 8 minutes makes a huge difference in effort. I went from 12 to 14 reps per minute over 8 minutes. Once I master 14 reps per minute over 8 minutes, I will try for 10.

Tonight I did:

Warmup and mobility

1APress12kg – 8/8

1APress16kg – 4/4

1APress24kg – 2/2

1APress32kg – 2/2

1ASn16kg – 8m. (14,14,14,14)/(14,14,14,14). 56/56. Right then left.

1ASw24kg – 30/30.

1ASw32kg – 15/15. 100 swings total.

My wife is doing something harder than timed sets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


Finally, I have torn my meniscus again. Repair is scheduled for Thursday, March 27th in order to maximize time watching the NCAA basketball regionals. Of course, my calculations may backfire if Texas wins in the first and second rounds since they would be playing at Reliant that weekend. Fortunately, snatches, swings and presses are rather knee friendly. I can always pick up jerks again in 2009. Besides, I am going to have much higher priorities than improving my jerk numbers in a few months.


3 Responses to “Random musings”

  1. Scott Says:

    Congrats again. Nice pic on the sono. How many weeks now?

  2. tom h Says:


    It has just begun…

  3. Rob Says:

    Congratulations man! We just had a lovely girl(Alana) 4 months ago and going really well!
    Really impressed with the site, keep up the good work.
    WIll be coming back for more.

    Stay strong

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