300 – Knee friendly style

Tom and I are both fans of Steve Maxwell, and we thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s recent video 300 Kettlebell Challenge. Of course, we wanted to try out the routine but both of us have defective knees. Not wanting to totally trash my knee five days before a minor repair job, I modified the routine to make it more knee friendly – no squats, no lunges, no getups, and no cossacks.

We both used a 16kg bell, and the reps went like this to total 300:

Around the world – 15/15

Halo – 10/10

Windmill – 5/5

One arm swing – 30/30

Snatch – 10/10

Clean and press – 10/10

Clean – 20/20

One arm swing – 30/30

Crush press situp – 10

Russian twists – 10/10

Pushup with kettlebell on the horn – 10

I finished in 14:34 and Tom was about the same. I may play with this workout to make it more challenging, or I may move up 4kg. It sneaked up on us – it was all good until the second series of swings, and then it quickly turned into a game of survival.


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