What Now?

3-29-2008. Day 2.
Intu-Flow basic mobility course.
Circuit – 3 times through.
1(a) 1A Chair Press 12kg. 5m. 15/15.
1(b) 1A Chair Press 16kg. 4m. 10/10.
1(c) 2A Chair Press 16kg. 2m. 10.
2 Situps – 20,20,20
3 Pushups (right leg elevated) – 15,15,15
4 BW chins – 2,2,2

3-30-2008. Day 3.
Intu-flow basic mobility course.

3-31-2008. Day 4.
Intu-flow joint mobility basic course.

I went to the doctor yesterday. The good news is that my knee definitively has the ability to heal from a meniscus tear, as evidenced by his examination of the August injury and repair. He was quite pleased actually. The bad news is that for whatever reason, my meniscus has a tendency to tear in the femoral region. As a result, I need to be very, very, very cautious about movements that shear across the femur. These would be things like very deep squats, etc.

I will be very conservative. The first part of my recovery and rehab will be some rest. I won’t perform any movements that require flexion of the knee with weight for at least six weeks. I’ll start swinging and snatching again in earnest in May. In the meantime, I will be practicing joint mobility, various types of pushups, chins, body rows, ring pushups, seated presses, renegade rows, various active and static abdominal exercises, and anything else I can come up with that seems safe and pain free. I will also walk.

Once I am convinced there is no more swelling and once I am progressing with the Intu-flow regimen, I introduce some sort of yoga and reintroduce the swing, snatch, and clean into my routine. When I am convinced many months from now that my joints are lubricated and mobile and my knee is truly healed, then and only then will I begin practicing the jerk.

I am not in a hurry to come back, and I have no desire to do this again. My primary emphasis is longetivity and joint health. A season of softer work won’t hurt me at all. But I hope to be able to play with these guys some time before the end of the year.


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