Seated press baseline

Wednesday, 4-2-2008. Day 6.

Intu-flow joint mobility basic course.

1ASeatedPress12kg – 5m. 15/15.

2ASeatedPress16kg – 2m. 8.

Renegade row – 10/10.

A little short on time this morning, but I accomplished my goal of determining a baseline time for seated press. The seated press will be the backbone of what I am doing for awhile. All that is between where I am now and some higher numbers with heavier weight is consistent and smart practice.

I hadn’t done renegade rows in a long time and reminded myself this morning why I haven’t. Personal preference I guess, but I don’t like the exercise. Need to find another non-ballistic pulling movement. Chinups or pullups seem nice.

The knee is also beginning to feel normal. I almost have full, pain free range of motion.


One Response to “Seated press baseline”

  1. anthony c Says:

    congrats on the knee. treat it right and it will get better!

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