Fun with the Heart Rate Monitor

Based on the results I have seen fellow bloggers and AKC coaches obtaining with a simple, 5-6x per week program, I began an experiment this week. The basic template many of them follow is a warm/mobility routine, jerks, snatches, and then swings for assistance. It’s a bit different for long cycle.

I had my knee scoped four weeks ago, so I obviously won’t be doing jerks. However, at a slow cadence, I found I could duplicate the fun one can have with the rack position by a standing double press. I decided to try some short sets of snatches and swings with the condition that I stop if my right knee was at all uncomfortable. And, since my training was the same for each of the five days, I strapped on a heart rate monitor. I began Monday after two days of rest.

Here was the routine for each day, Monday through Friday:

Joint mobility
2APress16kg – 3m (5rpm). 15.
Rest 3m.
1ASn16kg – 4m(12 rpm). 24/24.
Rest 4m.
1ASw16kg – 2m(1m per side). @34/34.
Rest 2m.
1ASw16kg – 2m(1m per side). @34/34.

I followed each session with a variety of things – chinups, pullups, terminal knee extensions, band assisted pistols for leg strengthening, and the like. Each day was a little different.

Each day I practiced this routine was easier than the day before. The maximum heart rate achieved, which was at the 10m mark (end of the snatch set), was progressively lower each day. The drop from 10m to 12m increased each day – from about @40bpm on Monday to @50bpm on Friday. More revealing was that each successive day’s curve was a little lower on the y-axis than the day before. Maybe it was the nutritional tweak I made, or maybe it was something else. Hard to tell. Whatever it is, I am no worse for the wear and feel pretty good this morning after training 5 days in a row.

After two days of yoga and mobility work this week, I am going to repeat the basic routine next week and make it more challenging. I think it will go something like this:

Joint mobility
2APress16kg – 5m (5rpm). 25.
Rest 5m.
1ASn16kg – 6m(14rpm). 42/42.
Rest 6m.
1ASw20kg – 2m30s(1m15s per side). @50/50.


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