Second week of 5-6 days per week and a nice surprise

Due to user error, I don’t have a fancy heart rate chart to publish this time. However, with a reasonable amount of volume, I believe I have found a training method that is producing results. Here is what I did Monday – Wednesday:

Joint Mobility
2APress16kg – 5m (5rpm). Rest 5m.
1ASn16kg – 6m (6rpm). Rest 6m.
1ASw20kg – 2m30s (2m on 4/30).

On Thursday, I couldn’t resist trying something more challenging, considering I had my knee scoped 5 weeks ago. I tried two arm jerks with the 16kg. You know what? There was absolutely no pain in the repaired knee. None, nada, zip, nothing – surprise, surprise, surprise. The knee feels as good as new. I don’t know if it was the bandwork, strengthening exercises, or joint mobility work, but the knee is stable and pain free.

Thursday was a short 17 rep jerk set with the 16kgs, followed by a 6m set of 20kg one arm long cycle – 8 rpm, switch every 5 reps.

Friday was off day to refect on my good fortune. What the lack of pain in the knee means is that I can focus on the long cycle clean & jerk. Why this particular exercise? Several reasons.

1. It is a combination exercise – a push and a pull all in one.
2. The long cycle is very time efficient.
3. It’s versatile and can be practiced with two bells, one bell with one hand switch, or one bell with multiple hand switches over a longer period of time.

Here is what Saturday and Sunday looked like, and this is the beginning of a training template I am tweaking and implementing:

Exercise Saturday, 5/3/2008 Sunday, 5/4/2008
Joint mobility, band work and pull-ups

2ALC16kg 4 4 4 4 = 16. 4m 4 4 4 4 4 = 20. 5m
2ALC16kg No 6 6 = 12. 2m.
2AJ20kg 5 5 = 10. 2m 5 5 = 10. 2m
1ALC24kg 3m, 8 rpm, switch every 5 reps, No
1ALC28kg No 5/5

All in all, I am pleased with how things are going. No tweaks, eating is very clean (and the pounds are coming off), and I am recovering very well. I’m also gaining the flexibility to sit longer in the rack. The longer I eat clean, the more I am convinced that a great portion of results from training is tied to diet.

Till next time, use common sense when you train and live.


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