One reason I train

I don’t harbor any illusions of athletic greatness with kettlebells or anything else for that matter. I’ve been a decent local class middle distance runner in my past, and now my goal is to get proficient with the kettlebells in the Masters category – 24kg – since I turn 40 this year.

We’re expecting our first child this fall, and my focus and life is going to radically change. It’s all about being healthy, staying limber and mobile, and enhancing longetivity.  Being able to function at a high level is the name of game.

Houston has only two seasons – just fall/winter/spring and summer. Fall/winter/spring are beautiful, mild, and pleasant for the most part but for an occasional storm. Summer is hot and humid. There is little transition – one week it is fall/winter/spring and then two days later it is summer. This year, summer began last week.

I spent Friday, Saturday, and today engaged in taking down my existing garage shelving, rebuilding it, and building a workbench. . Normally, manual labor in summer would beat me to a pulp. It was 95 degrees all three days and rather humid. Like prior summer projects, I did sweat profusely. However, this time, I don’t feel like I got hit by a truck. In fact, I feel rather refreshed, and I felt 15 year younger doing this project. I was sore Saturday and Sunday morning and did feel my age, but 10 minutes of joint mobility took care of that.

I am feeling a great sense of satisfaction and confirmation that the way I am training – mainly timed set lifting with kettlebells – is paying dividends. If I am able to bust my ass doing manual labor and heavy carpentry in Houston’s summer without a lot of ill effects, then this is all worth it.



3 Responses to “One reason I train”

  1. BJ Says:

    Nice Charley,

    Thanks for the info about the seasons, although hot, like I told everyone before we moved here, ” I’d rather be too hot than too cold.”

    BTW, back home in WI there are 5 seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, Deer, and Winter.


  2. Howie Says:

    You and I appear to have the same goals in life! I turn 40 in seven months and have 2-year old. It’s no longer about getting big biceps and looking buff, but staying healthy and keeping up with my child 10-15 years from now. I found your blog through Johan and will be catching up on your musings over the next few days. I have recently begun experimenting with timed sets AKC-style and so far am enjoying them. Howie

  3. callen Says:

    Howie, welcome aboard and as my uncle likes to say, welcome down the long slide down the razor blade of life that begins at 40. Funny, but not true in my opinion.

    I’ll caution you with timed sets that you need to take a long term view on it. I’ve been doing this about a year, and due to a trick knee haven’t been able to really to it justice until now. In the interrupted time I have given timed sets, I have been very happy with the results. Now that the knee is good, I can do a program for a few months and evaluate.

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