Back to the basics

About 10 months after knee surgery number 1 and about 12 weeks after knee surgery number 2, my knees feel normal again. I’m confident enough to begin to do a basic program of jerks, snatches, and assistance – 3 sets per day, 5-6 times per week. In about a month or so, I’ll feel confident enough to run short distances and I’ll do a bit of running as well.

Rather than messing around with some of the heavier weights I own except for assistance, I’ll dedicate myself to mastering the 16kgs before moving on.  I define mastery as 100 jerks in 10m, 200 snatches in 10m, and something like 80-90 long cycle reps in 10m. I am nowhere near those numbers, but there is no particular hurry or urgency. Done properly, I am convinced that kettlebell lifting is a sport one can do well into old age.

What are my goals?

1. Be the best and healthiest father I can be (the father part comes in about 3 months).

2. Maintain and promote healthy joints and strength endurance.

3. 100 jerks, 200 snatches, 80-90 long cycle reps in 10m sets with the 16kg.

4. Gradually reduce my weight to 165 from about the 173-176 it’s at now. That isn’t too hard with healthy eating.

Why the 16kgs? Based on the interrupted training (from surgery) I have done in the past, simply using the 16kgs for time does promote increased endurance and strength for me.  It’ll also allow me to hone my technique and really give my joints time to be sure that they’re ready for something heavier.

Recently, I have been doing a set of jerks, a set of snatches, and a set or either 24kg one arm jerks or 28kg swings. I have a baseline, and I have a rough progression charted out. The only variable is how long this will take to get to 100/200/80-90 as this type of progression isn’t linear.  Hopefully, I’ll be ready to play with the 24kgs a year from now which is about the next time I could compete.

Jerks, snatches and assistance for the next 12 weeks until the end of August and then long cycle for a few weeks.


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