Humility is…

Putting the heavier bells down for awhile and committing to time with the 12kgs to refine technique, strengthen my joints, and build wind and endurance. Doorman, here is my ego. I even put a fresh coat of paint on my 12kgs for the occasion – now they’re a matching pretty navy blue.

I should have done this a long, long time ago. I won’t say my prior training has been time wasted, but I have known that a lifter should be able to go 6m at 6rpm for jerks and 6m at 12rpm for snatches or the weight is too heavy. Knowing something and listening are two different things.

Here is how last night’s training looked:

Warm-up and mobility
2aj12kg – 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 = 60. 10m.
1asn12kg – 10m at 12rpm. 60/60.
1aj16kg – 6m at 10rpm. 30/30.
1asw16kg – 50/50.

Now I have a baseline to work from – 60 jerks and 10 snatches. Until I can do 100 and 200, I’ll stick with the 12kg bells except for assistance.

I also have a vacation approaching in August. I’m travelling to Denver to hike, etc. in the mountains. I’ll do supplemental conditioning work 3x per week after my lifting to make sure I’m ready. Nothing like density sets of burpees, wind sprints, or other fun and games with body weight.

The lifting days will look similar, but the bodyweight days will differ. Yesterday was day 2, today is day 3.

Day 1 – double jerks, snatches, single jerks, swings, BW strength circuits
Day 2 – double jerks, snatches, swings, conditioning
Day 3 – double jerks, snatches, swing jerks, swings, BW strength circuits
Day 4 – double jerks, snatches, swings, conditioning
Day 5 – rest



4 Responses to “Humility is…”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I am interested in the AKC timed set approach, but I can’t really find any good reading on how to put a program together. I’m also interested in checking my form. Is this info out there, or is it only available by attending the training?

  2. tom healy Says:


    After talking with Jay a bit, I also went light on the snatches. He has me doing 14 minute Sets with the 12 Kg. After I get into the 5th minute on each side I finally feel how the kettlebell is supposed to move. It’s great for technique and it’s still a great workout.
    I think my form sucks most of the time on my snatches but for some reason when I get tired with the 12 kg, my form improves?
    It’s also easy on the hands…

  3. Howie Says:

    I know how it feels to swallow one’s ego. Since attending the AKC’s Fitness Cert, I have been training solely with the 12kg. Having only DragonDoor exposure, I had worked up to 24kg and 32kg bells. Now I’ve taken a few steps back, but am not regretting it.

    Ryan, you might want to find an AKC Coach near you. They can get you going on form and workout structure.

    Charlie, I would imagine that the 12kg is light for you. So early on you’re probably muscling it. As you get tired, your body is finding the most economical means to keep it moving which is allowing your form to integrate into your entire body. That’s my two cents if you’re interested. I know same happens when practicing some aspects of martial arts.

    P.S. Hope you don’t mind my chiming in…

  4. callen Says:

    Ryan, I’m going to expand in a future blog on the AKC approach and how some of my peers put together a workout. Tom, good call on the longer sets. I may do some of that myself. Howie, thank you for chiming in. The 12kg is a bit light for me. Jerks are interesting with the 12kg in that I don’t sink onto my iliac crest as much as I do with the 20kg or 24kg. Yet I can go for a long, long time relatively speaking with the 12kg. I’m a bit more relaxed, and I feel refreshed after a set with the 12kgs.

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