Friday – Day 4

7-04-2008 – Day 4
2aj12kg – 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8=64. 8m.
1asn12kg – 16rpm at 8m. 64/64.
1asw16kg – 35/35.

The difference between the snatch 20rpm I performed for 4m yesterday and the 16 rpm performance today was enlightening. Twenty rpm is a sprint, and 16rpm feels pedestrian. I’ll go 10m on Sunday. Jerks are still interesting and are going to require more focus and work than the snatch, relatively speaking.

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, which I’ll respect as far as not lifting the bells. I feel like I need to burn off some July 4 beer and dessert, and I’ll likely do that somehow with a quick and dirty conditioning session.


2 Responses to “Friday – Day 4”

  1. Howie Says:

    Pedestrian, huh? LOL Nice work nonetheless. I have a LONG way to go to get up to that level of performance. I’m also getting interested in trying out a 2aj. But I only have a single 12kg….

  2. callen Says:

    Howie, we’ll see if 16 rpm is pedestrian when I do it for 10 minutes tomorrow. I kind of doubt it will be. As far as the double jerk, I’d suggest spending a lot of time with singles before trying doubles. In fact, I’d play with the 12kg, 16kg, and 20kg for singles if you have those before trying doubles with the 12kg. Jerks with two bells brings a whole new set of issues to overcome.

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