Saturday – Day 5

100 burpees – sets of 2, 25s rest, 26m43s.

I need to build my wind and work capacity, and I do like to mix things up. Twenty six minutes is quite pedestrian for a set of burpees, but I have to start somewhere. I stole this approach from a poster over on rosstraining who is seeking to do 100 burpees in less than 5m. I’d be happy with 100 in less than 8m. The idea is to do sets with a certain rest interval, decrease the rest interval to a certain point over time, and then increase reps in a set and start over. Today was a bit like a 27m run at a slow pace – my heart rate slowly climbed into the 160s. I used to run for distance, but a set of creaky knees and some quality time with a surgeon over the past year has cured me of that for awhile. So it’s burpees or other bodyweight conditioning for me.


2 Responses to “Saturday – Day 5”

  1. howiebrew Says:

    Cool. Nice to see another Ross Training admirer. I have his “Never Gymless” and “Full Throttle Conditioning”, both are EXCELLENT!

  2. callen Says:

    Ross is Boss

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