Tuesday – Day 6 – Three items

Item 1 – Today’s work7-08-2008 – Day 6
2aj12kg – 8 8 8 8 8 = 40. 5m.
1asn12kg – 4m at 20 rpm. 40/40.
1asw16kg – 35/35.
Modified Tabata – 2m. Burpees – 2x. Pushups – 2x.

Item 2 – I also found a couple of new blogs (to me at least) from the AKC family of lifters. Check them out:


Howie Brewer

Item 3: Days off, missing training, guilt, and whining. I do have scheduled days off and should take them to avoid unscheduled days off. The last two days have been unscheduled – Sunday was due to not taking Saturday off as scheduled, and Monday was due to not training in the morning and letting my day get away from me. I feel guilty when I don’t train on a scheduled training day, and the solution, trite as it may sound, is to train in the morning and “giterdone” unless I am darn sure I can train in the evening.

I need to have a plan b workout to do on days when I know I am short on time. Maybe a oa jerk, snatch and burpee combo since my focus is conditioning. Suggestions?


2 Responses to “Tuesday – Day 6 – Three items”

  1. howiebrew Says:

    Nice, still cooking at 20 rpm’s on the snatch! Thanks for the mention. I hate missing a scheduled day too. On Monday, my alarm went off, but the volume was turned down. Yesterday should have been rest, but was a workout day. Now I go until Saturday before I rest again.

    If you are short on time, why not make it a 1-Arm Long Cycle session and be done with it?

  2. callen Says:

    Howie, that is a good idea. I studied your blog pretty closely. You must be building some incredible work capacity with your training methods.

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