Random Wednesday Lunch Time Musings

Weight –
1. 2006 – pants size – 38″ down to 36″. Weight – max of 215 down to 200 or so.
2. 2007 – pants size – 36″ down to 34″. Weight – 200 down to 185 or so.
3. 2008 – pants size – down to 33″ loosely fitting. Weight – below 175 and dropping.
I was really a fat ass before I got serious with kettlebells. Still, I give wiser eating choices most of the credit. And that’s a bit of weight over 2 years to shed.

Fatherhood –
We’re 12 weeks or less to go and have done absolutely nothing to get ready for the arrival of our son. Wife thinks it’s bad luck. I probably ought to look into a car seat and figure out just what “some assembly required” really means.

And yes, I am beginning to get really, really nervous even though I am a lot older than most first time fathers. Do children come with instruction manuals? Life as I know it is about to end.

Backup workouts –
One arm long cycle? Does everything I need a training session to do – push, pull, conditioning…Two arm long cycle? All the advantages of jerks with some relief from the rack issues I experience.

AKC Fitness Program-
Reading through Howie’s blog, I’d like to find out more about this AKC fitness protocol. This would be a nice tool for a quick way to “giterdone” on days when time runs short and has the conditioning focus (as opposed to the strength focus) I prefer about kettlebells. I know Eric and company have their hands full managing an organization that has grown solely through word of mouth over the past 18 months, but a book would be nice.

Check back tonight.

Alternative Minimum Tax
No, not the reason I am writing a check to the man (don’t get me started), but the name of a kettlebell circuit workout I ran across. Kudos to you, Mr. Herman, for giving me a chuckle.


2 Responses to “Random Wednesday Lunch Time Musings”

  1. howiebrew Says:

    First… sleep, sleep, sleep!! Get it in now! For what will seem like an eternity, you will not be sleeping anywhere near what you need. It will pass, somewhat quickly, but while you’re in it, it feels like forever. I have a 2-year-old, I know what I’m talking about…

    Second, I believe a Fitness book is supposed to be in the works, to be released this year. I am almost half way through the 20-Level program. Once I am able to perform 3 min each arm for the recommended max reps per minute, then I move up to the 16kg bell and start back at Level 1. At this rate, that might be early Fall. It seems to get a bit easier as you get further in, since your increase in TUB is a smaller percentage increase from your then-current working sets.

  2. callen Says:

    Howie, I may spend some time with this as my work life is getting very busy and then my personal life is going to get very busy. Now that I know what level 20 is from Mike Stefano’s blog, I can scale it backfrom there.

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