I had to cut my training short today due to that pesky little thing called life, but through the distractions of a neighbor talking politics in my garage, I was able to complete a 3m set of 15 jerks with two 20kgs and then another, speedier set of 10 in a minute. Dividing my week into higher intensity days and lower intensity days seems to be working – but I need to stick with it. The key for me is the daily joint mobility work, which I am doing with Scott Sonnon’s intuflow. This weekend, I’ll begin reviewing my prasara yoga video and will begin to incorporate some of those flows in earnest.

The 20kg is a new weight for me that requires adjustment. The good news is that I can sink into a nice rack with this weight, which doesn’t happen for me with the 16kg. In a couple to a few weeks, I’ll be doing a 6m jerk set comfortably, which is where the real progress begins.


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