Tropical Storm Charley

There is a tropical storm in Florida dropping rain in biblical proportions. I’ve lived through two like Faye – Claudette in 1979 which dropped about 43″ near us and Allison in 2001 which dropped about 30″ on us, made I10 into a kayakers’ and jet skiers’ paradise, and was a tragic mess. I’m not sure I’d want to be touching floodwaters from White Oak Bayou in a kayak or jet ski, but I digress.

We got about 2 inches of rain today, which in turn made the humidity about 100% when I trained tonight. Short duration swing, jerk and snatch sets don’t seem like a big deal and I am building volume, but I sure did break a sweat a sweat of biblical proportions – soaking a shirt in about 5 minutes. Wrist bands and head bands are required, and I keep a smooth bell for snatching in humidity.

It never get below 80 degrees in the summer here, even at night, and any sort of relief is about 6 weeks away.

intuflow intermediate class
swings for warmup
2aj20kg – 5 5 2. 12. 2m.30s.
2aj20kg – 12. 1m12s.
Sn20kg – 22/22. 3m30s.
1aj32kg – 5/5.

Tomorrow is more intuflow and flowfit, and the kettlebells return this weekend.


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