Feels pretty good

After today’s intuflow and flowfit, I feel pretty good. My mechanism of 4-5 days of non-consecutive lifting with 2-3 lower intensity days seems to be paying off. Yesterday, to visit old friends, I went to the Kettlebell Club and did a hard style workout for a change of pace. Glad today was a lower intensity day as I seem to bounce back better from jerk and snatch sessions.

Here’s what I’ve done lately:

08222008 – Friday
intuflow intermediate
back stretching

08232008 – Saturday
intuflow intermediate class
warmup with swings
2aj20kg – 5 5. 10 total. 2m.
Sn20kg – 24/24. 4m.
1aj28kg – 6/6

08242008 – Sunday
Went to the Kettlebell Club and did something different today.
Joint mobility
1alccp16kg (left) – 10; 1asw16kg – 20; 1alccp16kg (right) – 10; 1asw16kg – 20
1alcsq16kg (left) – 10; 1asw16kg – 20; 1alcsq16kg (right) – 10; 1asw16kg – 20
1alccl16kg (left) – 10; 1asw16kg – 20; 1alccl16kg (right) – 10; 1asw16kg – 20
Sn24kg(left) – 10; 1asw24kg – 20; Sn24kg (right) – 10; 1asw24kg – 20
Various other exercises

08252008 – Monday
intuflow intermediate class
flowfit – various levels. 2 single sequences and 1 double sequence (i.e., each exercise twice before moving on to the next)
feels pretty good!

Two minutes with the 20kg is getting comfortable, and it’s time to increase. This week, I plan to do the following:

Tuesday and Saturday
16kg jerks – 5-6m
16kg snatches – 6m+
28kg oaj

Thursday and Sunday
20kg jerks – 2-3 sets
20kg snatches – 4m +
28kg oaj

16kg long cycle and some flowfit

intuflow and flowfit


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