Saturday’s commentary and training

Got a late start today, with people taking leave of their senses in H town today. A hurricane, not even in the Gulf and probably not headed this way, has people and the local tv action news types** in a frenzy. Hence, a run on the stores and hence, my dark thirty trek to the local grocer, farmer’s market, and megadiscountwehateunions mart to take care of the day to day needs and stock my survival bombshelter*. A family does need to eat and it wouldn’t hurt to have some bottled water in case Gus heads this way. Whatever happened to filling a bathtub and a couple of GI cans with tap water to ride out a hurricane**?

After renewing my NRA membership* and making sure I am prepared to ward off looters in the post-acopalyptic society sure to descend on this area* after a direct hit from a Category 13 hurricane* (Charley doesn’t surf, and Charley doesn’t evacuate**) it was time to hit the bells in my 150 degree* garage.

intuflow intermediate class*** and warmup
2aj16kg – 5/5/5/5/5.
1aj24kg – 6/6
Sn16kg – 5m at 12 rpm
1asw4kg – 20/20

* indicates satire or flat out ridiculous statements – in other words, not OCS approved.

** true statements. (1) Our very own Dan Rather of KHOU got his big break covering Hurricane Carla from the Seawall in 1961 and everyone locally has tried to one up him since, (2) I still drink tap water – I pay for it through taxes so I’ll drink the local tap instead of someone else’s bottled tap and (3) more people died evacuating from Hurricane Rita than from Hurricane Rita. I live 32 feet above sea level well outside of a flood plain or surge zone.

*** today, I did things a little differently. I went through the mobility drills slow and deliberately, really focused on what I was doing, and consciously kept track of the directions of the circles. I can’t say enough good things about intuflow regularly practiced.


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