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My car seat and training plans on the 3d and 4th were thwarted by long, long days at work and marathon trips to Target and Babys R Us with my 37 week pregnant wife. Seems that a pack and play won’t do and that we must have a crib and all accroutements before my son is born. Fair enough, and I agree. Good answer, right?

However, I trained yesterday and today and more importantly, installed the car seat. I was Dumb and Dumberer combined and feel like a complete idoit. Fortunately, there are many organizations locally that can check my work.

Frantic work to accomodate clients’ September 15 corporate deadlines coupled with frantic activity preparing for a child requires simplicity and brevity in training. The nice thing about kettlebell lifting, properly done, is only half an hour is required for a quality training session.

Friday September 5, 2008
Intuflow intermediate class without the 4cbd and floor work
2alc16kg – 5,5,5,5
2aj20kg – 5,5
1asw20kg – 27/27. 1m30s.

Saturday September 6, 2008
Intuflow intermediate class without the floor work
2alc16kg – 5,5,5,5
1alc16kg – 8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8. Switch every minute.
I need to do more of these longer sets.


2 Responses to “Recent activity”

  1. Howie Says:

    Good decision. Pack ‘n’ Play is not a long term solution. Brief sessions are probably going to become the norm for a while. As you said, luckily that’s all you need.

  2. doug sides Says:

    We have hardly used the P&P the first year. Dont know why we have 2! these are the tough weeks for your wife as she just wants it over with but its a joy to watch happen. Best wishes from Molly, Raine and me.

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