Life Changes In a Hurry

Hurricane Ike
When I last posted, Ike was coming towards us. We lost power early in the morning of the 13th and got it back late night the 15th. We were lucky. This was a much bigger and longer lasting hurricane than the last one I endured 25 years ago. As the night progressed, the wind got progressively harder, originating from the north and then ending up west and west southwest. I’d say we had 4-5 hours of sustained winds of hurricane force (>74 mph) and a few gusts of over 100 mph. We had some roof and water damage, but nothing insurance won’t cover.

The city looks like a bomb went off. Trees and traffic signals down, shortages of gas, and limits on purchases of certain items. Many people don’t have power yet, and I think it’s going to be a long while before things get back to normal. Take traffic lights. With a majority of them flashing or out, traffic is gridlocked. Finally, good ole Comcast is slow to come back, so no football for me, but as you will see below, I don’t have much time.

My Son
Absolutely the biggest change in my life and the best thing to happen to me so far, my son Tom was born on September 18, 2008 weighing in at 8 lbs 4 oz. He’s healthy, good natured, quiet, and beginning to show some signs of a playful personality. We are blessed to have him, and it was a long time coming for us after multiple miscarriages. He sleeps through most, but not all of the night, and is a very easy baby to soothe. Thanks to God and everyone for answered prayers.

My Training
After a 10+ day hiatus, I am back at it. I’ve had time to think about what’s important and what I want out of training short term, medium term, and long term. Short term is simply to get conditioned to train for sport. The AKC fitness protocol of jerks, snatches, and long cycle of progressively longer sets and shorter rest will work well for this goal. Today, I did Level 1 with the 20kg:

Warmup and joint mobility

1aj20kg – 2m at 16/16
Sn20kg – 2m at 16/16
1alc20kg – 2m at 10/10

I can tell its been awhile since I’ve trained, but it feels good to sweat.


3 Responses to “Life Changes In a Hurry”

  1. doug Says:

    CONGRATS !!!! Molly and I are so happy for you both.

  2. tom Healy Says:


    Way to go! Congratulations on your son! It is a change isn’t it. Good thing you left kettlebells! Cause if you used to go to the gym, you just don’t have time for that!

  3. Howie Says:

    Congratulations Charley!! Best wished to you and your now-larger family! Rest up, train smart and be sure to attend to the new mommy in the house just as much as to the new baby!

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