Training, training as a new father, 24s, and heart rate monitors

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a training blog.

Training as a new father is quite simple – do it when you can. For me, that means sneaking in a session in the morning or the evening or both and try and be in and out of the garage in 25 minutes or less. I’ve kept it short and focused, with rope skipping as a warm up, some band work on the knees (I highly recommend terminal knee extensions), some basic mobility, and straight into a set of jerks. Sometimes I will do a second set. Then I will finish with a set of snatches or double cleans. Rinse and repeat the next day.

I’ve been able to get 4-6 days in a week for which I am happy.

Although I’m not at 10m with the 16kgs in either the double jerk (mental limitations) or snatch (hook grip technique and mental limitations), I’ve decided to start playing with the 24kgs for double jerks and snatches for some of my training. Results – well, a PR of 4m and 20 jerks with the double 24s and 2m/side at 12rpm snatching with the 24. Maybe I will use the 24kg as a test weight and do my money sets during the week with the 16kgs.

Finally, I’ve acquired a heart rate monitor with decent range. I’m using a Suunto T3c, which I can hang the watch on a hook about 6-8 feet in front of me next to my clock. I’m faithfully recording average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and calories burned. I haven’t done this enough to establish definitive cause and effect conclusions, but it appears that heavier loads burn more calories (per the watch) and that duration and rest have an impact as well. I need to do this for a couple more months to be sure and then I will report back.


One Response to “Training, training as a new father, 24s, and heart rate monitors”

  1. BJ Says:

    Congrats on becoming a father. I had no idea.

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