Recent Training and Ropes Gone Wild

Being a father is busy. Sleep doesn’t always come regularly, and a hungry son can (and rightfully does) wreck havoc with a schedule. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Recent activity:

1. My right knee reminded me that certain things, like squats with weight, make it angry. That bought me a week off Thanksgiving.
2. Since I can’t always train when I want and I can’t guarantee consistency, I need to eat cleaner. My pants have gotten tight, and I got rid of the bigger ones I had when I lost weight 18 months ago.
3. My template is basically double jerks and one arm jerks 2-3 days a week, snatches and swings 2-3 days a week, and a strength endurance session based on the Art of Strength. I rarely go longer than 30 minutes.
4. I recently acquired a 50′ of 1-1/2 inch manila rope from these guys. What do I do with my rope? Well, check out Art of Strength for more on Ropes Gone Wild. It looks deceptively easy, but it isn’t. For a guy with a balky knee, this is an excellent form of supplemental cardiovascular training and is very efficient.
5. I’m holding ground not setting any PRs right now. Life is good.


One Response to “Recent Training and Ropes Gone Wild”

  1. Howie Says:

    Glad to hear you’re hanging tough buddy. That’s all that matters. Before you know it the little guy will be sleeping through the nights (and so will you)!!

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